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The key to unlocking your writing project

You’ve had a brilliant idea – for a thought leadership series perhaps, or a website or newsletter – that's going to revolutionise how your company connects with its target audience. The next step is to bring your idea to life with compelling content. But writing's not your thing, so you need the help of an agency.

But how do you brief the agency so that they write exactly what you have in mind? Easy – follow these three simple steps for an outcome that does your business justice.

Step 1: Write a brief
Be clear about what you want and give as much detail as possible. Scroll down to use our briefing form for this.

Step 2: Provide background
Info about your wider strategy or speeches and articles by your CEO are great for giving writers the big picture.

Step 3:  Hold a kick-off meeting
Discuss your project with your writers. And enlist help – if it's a product launch, bring in the product expert!

Follow these three steps and your writers will have all they need to bring your ideas to life.

Ready to start writing your own brief? Download our handy briefing form.

A well-prepared brief …
Achieves the best possible outcome
The agency will be crystal-clear about what it needs to write great copy for you.
Saves you time
You spend less time clarifying things. This way, even the first draft could hit the spot!
Saves you money
Saving time saves money. And the faster your idea launches the faster the return.